Our skills and experience provide the leadership and the technical knowledge needed to succeed in the multicultural infrastructure market.


The increase of Alternative Project Delivery has brought an internationalization of the infrastructure market.


Both consultants and contractors are crossing borders to become worldwide players, joining forces in complex joint ventures capable of undertaking larger infrastructure projects.


This entails a fresh approach from all parties involved: contractors, consultants and clients. As such, this approach requires a new shared language among
all team members to achieve the desired goal.


A holistic approach is needed to manage the design of large infrastructure projects. It is important to handle the technical complexity, but furthermore, it is essential to manage and take advantage of different company values and technologies available in today’s multicultural joint ventures.


Success can only be achieved by alliances between experienced professionals, with the technical skills to solve complex problems and the communicational talent to understand needs and explain results. This requires a set of unconventional and multidisciplinary skills
not easily available.


micp-enginering skills and experience provides leadership and the technical knowledge needed to succeed.